St.Patrick's Rainbow Mobile

St. Patrick's Rainbow Mobile

Supplies needed:

A white paper plate
Green and yellow paper
A hole punch

Fold and then cut a white paper plate in half.
Draw a rainbow on the paper plate with crayons.
Punch three holes in the plate: One hole at the top, and a hole on each end of the rainbow.
Draw the shamrock shape on green paper.
Cut out the shamrock and punch a hole at its top.
Draw the Pot shape on black paper and cut it.
Cut out a few "gold" coins from yellow paper.
Glue the coins to the top of the pot. Punch a hole at the top.
Attach the pot of gold and shamrock to the rainbow with a few inches of green yarn. Attach a fw inches of the yarn to the top of rainbow for hanging.

*Rainbowの色を塗る順番としてROY-G-BIV(ロイージーービブ)と覚えると先生が教えてくれましたので、子ども達がその順番でRainbowを描きました。 Y...yellow I...indigo V...violet

by teddybearclub | 2006-03-12 22:01 | Craft/Activity