Father's day gift -Dad is a great catch!!

My Dad is a great catch!

What you need:
Red craft paper
Blue craft paper
Green craft paper
White paper

What you do:
Print, trace and cut frog pattern out of green craft paper.
Cut thearts out of red craft paper and fold it in half. Cut eye and heart with text and decorate as shown up pattern. Use scissor to make a slit in the frog's mouth. And glue to the end of the ribbon and place inside the frog mouth. Glue the other end of the ribbbon on top of the frog and glue only one part of the folded heart to the end of the ribbon. Glue heart with text inside the heart card.

Souce from KidsSoup.com
by teddybearclub | 2006-06-11 21:59 | Craft/Activity