Peace Dove

1月15日のMartin Luther King Jr. Dayにちなんで、平和の象徴「Peace Dove」をクラフトで作りました。

Supplies needed:
Construction paper(White)
Tracing paper

1. Draw the shape of a bird's body on construction paper.
2. Cut out the bird and cut two slits in the body
3. Cut a piece of tracing paper in half. Fold each piece like an accordion.
4. Insert the folded paper(wings and tail feathers) into the slit in the bir d's body.
5. Secure them to the body with tape. Tape the ends of tail feathers together.
6. Draw eyes on the dove. Tape some strings to the body of the dove.


by teddybearclub | 2009-01-15 23:49 | Craft/Activity