Handful of Thanks

Thanksgivingのクラフト:Handful of Thanks


画用紙に両手の手形を写して、どちらにも「THANKSGIVING」と書き、それぞれの指には「ありがとう」と言いたい人や物の名前を書く。残っているところには絵を描いたりなどしてきれいに飾りつけ、はさみで切り取る。家に持って帰って家族に見せたら、Thanksgiving dayまで飾っておきましょう!

Have children trace both their hands on white construction paper. Print the word Thanksgiving across each hand. Ask the children to write on each finger one person or thing they are thanksful for. Then they can decorate the rest of each hand. Cut out the hands. And then students will have their own handful of Thanks to take home and share with the family.
by teddybearclub | 2005-11-08 09:32 | Craft/Activity