Tissue Paper Flower for Mother's day

Tissue Paper Flower

母の日のギフトとしてお花を作りました。運動会や様々な行事の時に使われるお花を作って、割り箸を茎に見立て、緑色のアートフラワー用のフローラルテープで巻いて仕上げます。カードにメッセージ「Happy Mother's Day!!」と書いたものを茎に挿してプレゼントします。あらかじめ、紙を折っておくところまでセットしておけば、小さな子どもたちでも簡単に作れます。

Supplies needed:
Tissue paper(Crepe paper)
Wooden chopstick
Green Floral tape
Pipe cleaner
White card paper

Put the Tissue paper in a pile and fold it like an accordion.
Tie the center of the folded paper with a pipe cleaner (or twist tie)
Gently pull each of paper towards the top center of the flower, separating each sheet of paper from the others (forming the petals of the flower).
Put on the stick and wrap the green floral tape like stem.
Cut heart shape into white card paper.
Draw or write some message or picture for mother!
by teddybearclub | 2006-05-07 07:18 | Craft/Activity