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Calendar February, 2008


by teddybearclub | 2008-01-31 23:17 | Craft/Activity


Song: One little finger

Small talk; What are you wearing?
I'm wearing ......

Tiny Talk 3B: Review unit 1
Unit 1-5を復習しました。

Workbook: Phonics p.21

Craft: Calendar Feburary,2008


Game: Pictionary

by teddybearclub | 2008-01-31 22:30 | T3:30(P1)

Hello,/What's your name?/I'm a little chick/ Open, shut then/ One little finger/ Seven step/

Craft: Calendar Feburary,2008



Video: Dora the Explorer

Days of week
"What day is today?"などと言って、時々子ども達に質問しながら、おうちで曜日を教えるとよいと思います。

2月はFeburaryですが、今年はうるう年(leap year)なので、この歌も歌いました。

Thirty day hath September

Thirty days hath September,
April, June, and November;
All the rest have thirty-one,
Excepting February alone,
Which has twenty-eight days clear
And twenty-nine in each leap year.
by teddybearclub | 2008-01-31 12:08 | T10:30(K1-2)


Song: Seven steps

Small talk: What ae you wearing?

ORT: A New Dog
Flash cards
Reading practice

Craft: Calendar Feburary, 2008

by teddybearclub | 2008-01-30 22:07 | W4:00


Small talk
Tomorrow I'm looking forward to observing the clubs at school. I want to join the Dodgeball or Ball club. I'm excited!!

I'll go to cram school next month. I don't want to go to cram school but Mom is making me. I'll go 4 days a week from 4:30-7:00pm.

*「塾って何ていうの?」と聞かれたので、cram schoolと教えました。でも今では国際的にも通用する言葉になっているんかもしれませんね。辞書にもJuku Schoolとありました。
supplementary private schoolという言い方もありました。

Today I jumped rope with my friends at school. We tried jumping triple skip. I couldn't because the rope kept hitting my head. It hurt.

The New House

Come In
New words
*biscuitという言葉が出てきました。ORTはイギリス英語のテキストなので、アメリカ英語と違う表現が時々あります。DonnaはBiscuitはDoggy biscuitとか、間にクリームやジャムを挟んだクッキーをBiscuitというと言っていました。アメリカではbiscuitではなく、Cookieですね。

Game: Hangman
by teddybearclub | 2008-01-30 21:35 | W5:00


工作でよく使うモールを英語ではPipe cleanerと言います。

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Small talk
On Saturday we celebrated my parents' wedding anniversary. We went to crab restaurant. We ate crab sushi, crab tempura, crab miso soup. It was yummy.
My English class in school is divided into 2 classes. We had spelling test everyday. We listened to an English CD and the write the missiong words on our paper. We read sentenses and translate them into Japanese. We practice asking questions and answering them.


On Sunday I walked with my friend and our dogs. We raced with our dogs. After that we exchanged cards for something slse. We also played with mud and made mud balls. It was exciting!

Calvin & Hobbes

Game: Hangman
by teddybearclub | 2008-01-28 23:12 | M6:00(P6.J1)


Small talk
Yesterday I played a game with my sister, *** and ***'s family. After that we went to Yuzawaya. I bought a plastic file. We saw a move called Taxi 4 at ***'s house. It was fun!

On Sunday I played a Japanese karta with my friends. We played 4 games. Our team won all the games. I was happy.

On Saturday I went to the hot springs with my family. It was good. After that I went to the game center. I got a big key holder. I was lucky.

Yesterday I went to Yuzawaya with my sister, *** and ***'s sister. I bought a plastic file. After that we saw a movie called Taxi 4 at my house. I realy enjoyed it!

On Saturday I went to McDonald's with my family. I got shaka shaka chicken. On Sunday I went to a shrine with my family and grandparents. I drew a fortune. It was an okay fortune.

On Saturday I went to Itoyokado with my family. We had a tea time at McDoanld's. I ate shaka shaka chicken. After that my mother bought me T-shirt and pipe cleaners. I was happy!

*工作などに使うモールは英語ではちょっと変な呼び方をします。pipe cleanerです。

Spelling test : 10 words 
先週より2つ増えて(bounced, jumped)10個になりました。
Reading practice 2ページずつ交代で読みました。

Game: Hangman
by teddybearclub | 2008-01-28 22:40 | M5:00(P4.5)



Small talk

On Sunday I went to the Future Museum with my family. I drove the UFO, spaceship, car and hourse machines. I met a robot called Ashimo. I also went to the planetarium. It was fun!

On Sunday I went to SATY shopping center with my Mom. Mom bought 11 donuts. My favorite donut is curry. My second favorite is pomme de Armond. The third one is double chocolate pie. It was yummy.

追記:わたしがいつもdoughnutと書いていただけで、donutのほうがポピュラーだったんですね。(^^; Mister Donutの宣伝ではスペルはDonutでした。

On Sunday I went to Granberrymall with my family. We looked for shoes and training shoes. I tried on 3 shoes, blue & orange, gold and sky blue, but Mom didn't buy any of them. I was sad. After that we stopped at a LEGO shop. I spelled my name with Legos. Then we bought a birthday gift for my grandma. We went to grandma's house and celebrated her birthday.

Craft: Calendar February, 2008

*Small talkが長くなってしまい、ORTの時間が無くなってしまいました。お話したいことがたくさんある時でも、少し時間を考えなければと少し反省。
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