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Small talk
My favorite Halloween charactor is a Jack-o-lantern.
At the Halloween party, it was hard to get a big apple. My favorite game was apple bobbing. Toss the ghost was difficult, too. I liked Halloween cupcake. It was yummy. It was fun.

My favorite Halloween charactor is a bat.
On Friday we had a song contest at school. We sang "Sakura". We won the silver award. I was happy because we practiced hard.

ORT: Lost in the jungle

Story: Halloween parade

Craft: Calendar November, 2009
3rd Culture Day
11th Veterans Day(USA), Rememberance day(Canada, UK)
23rd Labor Thanksgiving Day
26th Thanksgiving Day (USA)

by teddybearclub | 2009-10-26 20:47 | M6:00(J1,2)

Mad hatter

Small talk

My favorite Halloween charactor is the Mad Hatter and a witch.
Apple bobbing was difficult at the Halloween party. I liked decoration cupcakes most. Halloween decorations were great! The orange light were beautiful. Sarah's baby was cute. My favorite candy was the caramel popcorn. My favorite game was toss the ghost. I had a wonderful time. I want to go again!

ORT: Robin Hood

Story: Halloween parade

Craft: Calendar November
by teddybearclub | 2009-10-26 20:42 | M5:00(P5-6. P6-J1)

Small talk
What's your favorite Halloween charactor?
How's the Halloween party?

My favorite Halloween charactor is a black cat.
I liked trick or treat game. The Halloween cookies were yummy.I enjoyed toss the ghost because I got many candies. It was yummy!!

My favorite Halloween charactor is a black cat. I enjoyed apple bobbing. I got a big one! During Halloween bingo, I got many star bursts and I was happy!. I enjoyed making a trick or treat bag, too! It was fun.

ORT: Castle Adventure

Story: Halloween Parade

Craft: Calendar November,2009
by teddybearclub | 2009-10-26 20:29 | M4:00(P3-4)

Trick or treating

Halloween partyの日は残念ながら雨でしたが、Trick or treatingにも行きました。

Halloween party

Song: Hello song, It's time to go trick or treating
全員の名前を入れたHello song、It's time to go trick or treatingはみんなで手をつなぎ、輪になって歌いました。

Costume show
Who are you?と仮装を尋ねました。みんなにHalloween Costume awardを渡しました。
Apple bobbing,
Make a treat bag,
Toss the ghost,
Trick or treat game
Trick or treat!と子どもたちが言うと、先生がTrick!と答えます。Trick cardを1枚引き、その指示に従います。さまざまなアクションや指示をカードに書いておきます。

Halloween bingo

Make a Halloween cup cake

Trick or treating
Nancy先生の友人宅にお願いして、Trick or treatingをしました。
子どもたちがとても元気な声で「Trick or treat!!」と言っていました。お菓子の力は偉大です。

Thank you, Nancy!! Happy halloween!!

by teddybearclub | 2009-10-25 10:02 | Holiday

Halloween Party 24th October

今年はNancy先生のお宅でHalloween partyです。

by teddybearclub | 2009-10-23 07:28 | Teddy Bear Clubから


Small talk
My favorite Halloween charactor is Dracula.
On Satyrday I went to Eaon with my friend and friend's mother. I bought birthday presents for my friends. I chose a atrap shaped like a baseball and a strap of a green caterpillar. They are very cute, so I wanted to buy them. After that I ate Okonomiyaki. I like Okonomiyaki. It was good. I had a good time.
Sarah先生がお好み焼きを知らないというので、材料や作り方などを皆なで説明しました。でも、食べてみないとわからないねということで、Thanksgiving Cookingではお好み焼きを作ろうという話になりました。

My favorite Halloween charactor is a witch.
On Saturday I went to *****Saty with my mother and brothers. My mother bought me shirts. After that we went to Yamada denki. I bought a walkman. I downloaded High school musical, Hannah Montana, Celine Dion, Milkey Cyrus and Avril Lavigne. I love music!!

ORT: Robin Hood

Crfaft: Calendar November, 2009
11月は3日にCulture day, 23日にLavor Thanksgiving Dayがあります。
アメリカのThanksgiving dayは26日です。
11日にはVeteran Day(USA), Rememberance Day(Canada, UK)があります。

by teddybearclub | 2009-10-22 21:34 | T4:30(P5-6)


Small talk
My favorite Halloween charactor is Ghost.
On Sunday we celebrated my mother's birthday at home. My dad lit a candle and sang the Happy birthday song. I ate cake. It was yummy.

My favorite Halloween charactor is Jack-o-lantern.
On Tuesday I was vaccinated against the flue. After that my mom bought me a juice. It was a little bit hard.
新型インフルエンザの予防接種を受けてきたとSちゃん。Sarah先生から、予防接種を受けるはbe vaccinated againstというと教えてもらいました。

ORT: The New House

Craft: Calendar November, 2009
by teddybearclub | 2009-10-22 21:29 | T3:30(P1-2)

Good night Goon


Flash cards

Tiny Talk 1B Unit 9

Story: Goodnight Goon

Goodnight Moonのパロディー本です。子どもたちは面白かったぁといっていました♪

Craft: Calendar November, 2009
by teddybearclub | 2009-10-21 21:12 | W3:00(K1-3)


Small talk
What's your favorite Haloween charactor?
What did you do over the weekend?

My favorite Halloween charactor is Ghost.
Today I made a rabbit of clay in art class. I had to keep the clay wet so I wrapped it in a wet towel. The clay was brown and it turned the towel brown. My clay was very smoothe. I made a rabbitt but not very well. It was fun.

ORT: The New House

Craft: Calendar November, 2009
by teddybearclub | 2009-10-21 20:14 | W4:00(P3-4)


Small talk
My favorite flower is a red rose.
On October 9th and 10th I went on school trip to Nikko. I went Toshogu. I watched 3 monkeys and a sleeping cat. The sleeping cat was very small!! The 3 monkeys of a protection of the horse. I slept only 3 hours that night. it was fun!

My favorite flower is the cherry blossom!
Today I practiced singing for song festival. Today's practice was the best. I am worried about the performance because singers were absent today. I was happy that I made a 98 on my English test.

ORT: Robin Hood

Craft: Halloween card
by teddybearclub | 2009-10-19 20:59 | M5:00(P5-6. P6-J1)